Lifelong Learning Leads to Business Success

At the age of 57, Xuan is the owner of a garment export company with around 200 staff. His success is the result of his continuous effort and determination.

When Xuan was 48 years old and working as a construction supervisor, he decided to leave construction work and bought a Korean garment company that was in bankruptcy. He succeeded in getting the company running again, and after the five years it was thriving again.

Xuan expected his work to continue smoothly but disaster struck in 2014 when a fire occurred at his factory. He lost the whole property in a night.

However, he struggled to overcome the loss and reestablished his company. Not long after, he met Mrs. Dung, YWAM Mercy’s Business Development Project coordinator and was introduced to the business training program. Xuan attended with enthusiasm to learn and accumulate good experience for himself.

At the beginning, it was very difficult to arrange time off from work for attending the training. But the practical benefits of the first module on creating a business model and defining his vision, made him determined to continue to the end of the training program.

Although Xuan is older and more experienced than other people in class, he still thinks that learning is necessary to help him lead his business better.

He was elected “vice monitor” of the class by his classmates and he is very enthusiastic about class activities. “I like to learn and communicate with people. [Serving as vice-monitor] will help my work improve and help me practice my leadership skills.” he said.

Many changes took place at the company when Xuan began to apply what he learned from YWAM Mercy’s training program. The most noticeable change is the staff arrangement–putting the right people in the right role. He also reorganized his work space for increased efficiency. Moreover, he always tries to create a safe and effective environment for his employees, giving them increased motivation to work.

Xuan said that he regrets not attending YWAM Mercy’s training program earlier. He hopes younger generations of entrepreneurs will be able to grasp the learning opportunity early on in their careers because their business journey is long, and they really need to up-to-date knowledge to succeed.

As our YWAM Mercy staff have implemented the business development project, we have realized that business is not just a career but part of the heart, brain and life-blood of true entrepreneurs.


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