The house is finally complete! The Women’s Union and neighbours helped the family demolish their old house. The construction went smoothly but they have decided to delay painting the walls at this stage to allocate money to rebuilding the animal pens and kitchen.

Trang Huyen’s mother explained, “We are not painting the house yet. Many other families in this area also do this to save money. The remaining sand and bricks in the yard will be used to reconstruct the pens for the pigs and cow.”

With the recent heavy rain, the rebuild has been timely. Trang Huyen’s mother tearfully told us, “If you did not encourage and support us to rebuild the house, we would have faced a lot of danger in our old house. Now our dream has come true.” The family is still facing many other challenges, but with the house rebuilt, it’s one less thing to deal with on a daily basis.

The family wants to express their thanks to those who have financially supported them through the rebuilding process.

Living area before rebuild


Study area before rebuild

Living area after rebuild

Study area after rebuild

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