YWAM Mercy Vietnam has developed a hydroponics model in one urbanizing Hoai Duc community to bring higher incomes for suburban farmers while reducing harm caused by the overuse of insecticides and herbicides.

After setting up the model, we regularly visit the owner, Mrs. Sam, to check how she is doing.

Mrs. Sam has been working hard and her seedlings are growing very well. She has planted tomatoes, kale, lettuce and such. This clean produce is in high demand, but right now her garden is still in the experimental phase and she raises only enough to feed her own family and some neighbors.

It hasn’t all been smooth running, however. Mrs. Sam encountered some difficulties that put the hydroponic model on hold for a while.

For a time, the fertilizing system was not adding proper nutrients to the water due to a broken valve. We immediately contacted a local repairman to check the system. Fortunately, he found the cause and fixed the system.

While the repairman was at work, we had a chance to help Mrs. Sam complete needed maintenance including: drying out all the mixed coir, disposing of any farming waste, cleaning all the plant pots, and buying more nutrient liquid and seeds for new plantings.

After repairing the broken valve, Mrs. Sam continued to grow summer vegetables to feed her own family and neighbors. We are advising her now to plant and sell her seedlings since they are of high quality and would meet a demand of local farmers. We expect this to make the model more of a viable business for her..

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