Every April, Vietnamese enjoy making “Trôi” cakes for Tết Hàn Thực, the Cold Foods Festival.  This is a fun day when families usually get together to make and eat these tasty glutinous rice balls.  Because of their circumstances, children living in our three Children’s Homes may have not yet had the opportunity to make these traditional cakes.  Those who have, look forward to it each year,

Trôi” cakes are made from ingredients commonly available in rural areas: glutinous rice flour, roasted sesame seeds and sugar cubes (from sugarcane molasses).  They are served cold.

At first, children timidly follow the instructions of the Home staff or elders in shaping their cakes.  After a while they gain confidence and turn them out rapidly.  Even older children who are already familiar with the process make the cakes with excitement.

Making these cakes brings the children and staff together.  They learn about their local traditions and also make happy childhood memories. Although these children come from especially difficult circumstances, with YWAM Mercy Vietnam’s involvement they have the opportunity to learn and experience typical Vietnamese culture and traditions with their Children’s Home family.

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