When we work in a community, we not only focus on improving living conditions for families living in poverty, but we also work to strengthen community networks. This includes training for local leaders to improve their ability to lead to the benefit of all residents.

On May 5th and 12th, YWAM Mercy together with local Board of Management, provided training on time management for 50 local leaders. Training covered Work-Life Balance, Helpful and Unhelpful Stress, The Pareto Principle, Creating Working Plans, Setting Priorities, and more.

Local leaders benefit greatly from this training because it helps them accomplish the many competing tasks they must do each day. If they cannot arrange their time and apply their effort effectively, they feel overloaded and carry too much stress. Mrs. Ngo Thi Tuyet Mai (YWAM Mercy consultant from National Economy University) shared many principles and stories for leaders in the training. She used many simple examples to help participants remember easily all she wanted them to learn and remember.

As a Vice chairman, I have a lot of work to do in one day. Sometime I feel really stressed because I don’t know how to handle all the tasks. However, after attending this training, I realized that my biggest problem is I did not set priorities to the work I have. I think that from now on, I can arrange my time better and will have more time for my family.

Mr. Dao Dinh Phuong

Vice Chairman , Bao Son Commune

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