Thuong was born in 2010 in one of the most crowded and impoverished villages in her area. She has four siblings. Her house was badly degraded so, the Government Fund and the Youth Union supported her family to repair their house. Her father has a heart and liver problems. Every month, he needs expensive heart medicine which the family pays for by borrowing from their relatives. Her mother has a breast tumor. On their small piece of land, her family only can raise enough rice to eat for eight months every year. Due to her parent’s health conditions, they cannot work. Currently, her family is raising three cows for their main income and it is hard for her parents to cover all their family living costs.

Thuong caring for the family cow and her younger siblings.

I only want to have a good Math mark in grade 7 in the coming year and a chance to visit the Capital Hanoi one day,


Education Assistance Recipient

Thuong helping with the housework as is her daily habit.

Thuong is a really a good example for the children helped through your Education Assistance gifts. The school supplies you have given through your support helps Thuong will have motivation to study well in the new school year and achieve her dreams in the future.

Thuong receiving her school supplies for the year thanks to your generous gifts!

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