Helping children in difficult circumstances

Thang is 11 years old and lives at the Phu Chau Children’s Home in the Ba Vi District of Vietnam. Twenty-four children live in the home operated through a partnership between the Phu Chau community leaders and YWAM Mercy Vietnam.

Three years ago community leaders discovered there was a problem in Thang’s family. They came to Thang’s home with YWAM Mercy Vietnam staff and started an assessment of the situation.

They discovered that Thang’s step-father was very violent and Thang was being physically abused. The assessment team decided to remove him from the home for his safety.

Now, three years later, Thang is thriving at the Children’s Home.  He is active and loves climbing trees – especially fruit trees where he can pick the fruit. He is in the 6th grade at school and is known for working very hard at his school work.

His caregivers say he is always smiling, plays well with others, and is quick to help around the Children’s Home.

The Children’s Homes were established to provide safety, structure, and care for the most vulnerable children in the community.

Thang’s home, as well as two other Children’s Homes in Ba Vi District, were created by community leaders in partnership with YWAM Mercy Vietnam so that the children receive these benefits without ever leaving their community.

This allows Thang to stay active in his community as well as allowing the community stay involved in his life. He, and the other children, attend festivals with the community and help with agricultural and other community projects.


Photo Credit: Sharing Dots


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