Roslyn Jackson



After many years working in SE Asia, in 1997 Roslyn established YWAM Mercy Vietnam to promote transformation in individuals and communities in the northern region. She loves her work because she is able to invest in the lives of her staff as well as to witness the poorest of the poor coming out of poverty and living more abundant lives.

Cung Dinh Hoan

Project Officer

Education: BA Economics, BS Technology

Hoan has been working for YWAM Mercy Vietnam for 15 years. He enjoys his work because he wants to be able to help those trapped in poverty and marginalized by their communities. Working at YWAM Mercy Vietnam gives him the chance to do this everyday.

Nguyen Xuan Dzung

Project Manager

Education: MBA, BA Education

Dzung started with YWAM Mercy Vietnam in 1998 because she wanted to contribute her competence and know-how to bring positive changes to the lives of project beneficiaries. She seeks to informally advocate amongst the local leadership at all levels so that they are concerned for community development activities in their locations. By doing this she hopes to eliminate the bias in development so that disadvantaged people can benefit from our empowerment efforts and can better use their resources.

Duong Hai Yen

Project Officer

Education: MA Law

Yen started working for YWAM Mercy Vietnam in 2004 because she has a passion for social work and feels compelled to share with vulnerable people. Yen loves children and feels especially happy to support children in difficult circumstances. Working with YWAM Mercy Vietnam she also likes that she has many chances to develop herself, learning from her work, courses, and colleagues. 

Nguyen The Thang

Project Officer

Education: BA English, BA Business Administration

Thang started working for YWAM Vietnam in 2009. He enjoys his job because he can contribute to improving living conditions for people facing difficulties in rural areas. Thang sees the changes in the local people and in the region. He is motivated because he can see the results of his efforts.

Nguyen Minh Tam

Project Officer

Education: MBA, BA in Foreign Trade and English

Tam has a passion for community development, focusing on the poor. She says she likes the main task of YWAM Mercy Vietnam’s projects which is “capacity building for local partners” where we guide local leaders in applying our operating principles to solving their problems. She enjoys that the office environment is friendly and the staff are learning continuously and feels that working here she has been improving herself a lot in work and life.

Nguyen Thi Yen

Project Officer

Education: MS Agriculture

Yen started working for YWAM Mercy Vietnam in 2004. She is from a district of Bac Giang province which faces many challenges, so she understand the situations faced by many beneficiaries in her projects. Yen loves getting to be one part of motivating them and helping them overcome their circumstances.

Nguyen Thu Huyen

Project Assistant

Education: BA Accounting & Finance

Huyen started with YWAM Mercy Vietnam in 2014 because she wanted to dedicate herself to community development. She says she’s had many useful experiences and learned lessons from this job for not only improving my work skills but also growing myself. She hopes to have more opportunities to learn and contribute her abilities to YWAM Mercy Vietnam as well as the community in the future.

Tran Thanh Nga

Project Assistant

Education: BA Management & Economics

Nga first volunteered to work at YWAM Mercy Vietnam in 2011 with the expectation of improving her professional experience and English skills. Two years later, she took a permanent position after graduating from University. When she sees the daily changes that are brought by our projects–like workers working in a safer environment with a higher income–she realizes how much she loves her job. She has a true passion to bring change to her community.

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