In 2009, we began helping one rural community in Ba Vi to improve care and education for their youngest residents by equipping preschools and providing training for parents and teachers.  While working in the area, we met several families who had children with special needs that would be helped by small supports like incontinence supplies, nutrition or healthcare. In all, we have helped about 20 children in this community. Here is an update on three families who have been receiving monthly support.


Loan and Huong

Loan (pictured in tan) is the oldest sister in a family with five children, including two with birth defects. Loan was born with cerebral palsy. Huong, one of her sisters (pictured in red) was born with a deformed hand. Huong dropped out of school when she was in 1st grade because she was often teased. With YWAM Mercy’s support and encouragement, Huong returned to school and has completed grade 12 with excellent marks. She graduated from senior high school last year, and is now living and working in a center that cares for the elderly and disabled children in Ba Vi District. YWAM Mercy continues to support Loan with monthly incontinence supplies as we have since 2010.

Loi’s family in January 2010

Loi in 2020


Loi was born in 2007, and is the youngest daughter in an impoverished family with three daughters. Loi’s father and grandfather suffered from congenital eye disease, and Loi also inherited the disease. Several years ago, Loi’s left eye went completely blind, and her right eye was also very weak. Despite this challenge, Loi yearned to continue with school. In mid-2019, YWAM Mercy Vietnam contacted a school for blind children in Hanoi, and she began to study there starting in the 2019-2020 school year. We also contacted Samaritan’s Purse (an INGO in Vietnam) and organized a full scholarship for Loi.

Hung 2018

Hung and his mother 2020


Hung was born in 2007, paralyzed and with cerebral palsy. He is the first son of a young couple who now have three children. Since Hung was born, his mother has given him round-the-clock care. Starting in January 2019, YWAM Mercy committed to provide monthly diapers for Hung, with the hope that it can lighten the burden for this family.

Thuy’s father & her two younger siblings

Thuy must take medicine everyday

Thuy, her mother & her younger brother


Thuy’s family has five children. Three of them have brain disease. Thuy’s father suffered brain damage after a traffic accident in 2013. YWAM Mercy has provided monthly diapers for Hang, a daughter with severe mental and physical disabilities who was born in 2007. In 2018, YWAM Mercy started helping to buy needed drugs and medical treatment for Thuy. In October 2020, we learned that Thuy’s father passed away after having a seizure. Prior to his passing, Thuy’s mother was the only one who was able to work to make a living to support the family with its four disabled people. Now she needs to stay home from work to look after Thuy & her two younger siblings. We are working with local leaders to see what can be arranged to help the family in the future.

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