Our annual Sponsor’s Day event was organized on Sunday, November 3, 2019 at the front-yard of one of our Children’s Homes in Ba Vi.

Sponsors Day is an opportunity for the children to interact directly with their sponsors and other visitors.  Whether or not their particular sponsor was in attendance, the children feel the love and care others have for them which speaks volumes about their infinite value and importance as people. The children eagerly wait for Sponsor’s Day and look very much forward to it each year, this year 23 people attended.

In order to create a surprise for the sponsors, they cleaned and decorated the Children’s Home beautifully. With the support of the Home Staff and Project Officer, they made many colorful pinwheels. They used these to create a “pinwheel island” on the campus of the Children’s Home which hosted the event.

The children and the staff spent time every evening to create the pinwheel island (photo above), Many children didn’t know how to make a pinwheel. Some of them had never played with a pinwheel in their life! Learning how to make them was a fun adventure.

Since the pinwheel island was done, every time children come back home from school, they will sit around and enjoy watching whenever the wind changes direction, causing the pinwheels on that side to spin.

Mrs Oanh

Home Staff

Our home is so colorful, beautiful and more vivid than flowers. Each flower has only one color, but each pinwheel we made for the event has 8 colors. We also prepared many games for sponsors to have fun with us. I hope our sponsors will like this gift from us!

Kim Anh

9 years old

Our 2019 Sponsor’s Day created a very friendly and happy atmosphere. Community leaders helped the children welcome the sponsors to the event.

The children organized games, and showed confidence when inviting visitors to play with them. Each of the three Children’s Homes was responsible for leading at least two games. With six games and a group dance, Sponsor’s Day offered fun for everyone.

The relaxing moments of chatting together, enjoying the famous dairy products of Ba Vi district (yogurt, and caramel flan), small gifts, photos, and hugs, were beautiful moments that everyone valued. Children and sponsors are looking forward to seeing each other again at this event next year.

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