Demand for safe, high-quality vegetables is increasing along with their market price. The suburban farmers involved in YWAM Mercy’s safe-farming model benefit from their strategic location which is close enough to city so pandemic regulations still allow them to bring product to urban markets in Hanoi’s city center.

Safe-farming methods use only biological fertilizers and no chemical pesticides to produce a product that is safe for the farmer, the consumer and the environment.  Our safe-farming model introduced new crop varieties that give farmers a second growing season so they have profitable crops year-round.  The model includes, off-season tomatoes, bitter melon and string beans, which are popular with consumers and sell well at a good profit.

Off-season tomatoes growing well with the good care they are receiving from the farmers

YWAM Mercy’s consultant helping farmers check their tomato growth

Farmers caring for developing tomato plants in the field

Bitter melons now have budding flowers and young fruit. The fields are clean and cleared of pests.

YWAM Mercy consultants provide initial training and ongoing technical support to the farmers to help them be successful.  We expect these first farmers will then share their expertise and experience with others in their local area and in other communities so more farmers can increase their incomes with the same crops and methods. The local Board of Management, consisting of local leaders, supports the farmers helping them to overcome any difficulties they encounter. 

String bean development indicates a promising harvest ahead

In training, we help farmers think about their agricultural work as a business so their income generation activities will be sustainable and profitable. So far 6 households have off-season tomatoes blooming, 9 families are raising string beans and bitter melons are growing well for 13 households.

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