YWAM Mercy wants to help rural preschool teachers understand and experience active learning. On August 25th we took a group of 40 teachers from rural Luc Nam to Ly Thai To Preschool in Hanoi to expose them to how a top urban preschool operates.

Ly Thai To Preschool operates as a public/private partnership.  They have been recognized as achieving the highest national standard in preschool education. They also offer a bilingual education program.

A Singaporean teacher demonstrates active learning in her English class.

Teachers learned how to organize all the corners of the classroom in the best way for children’s activities and how to decorate the classroom using simple and inexpensive materials.

The “shapes” corner demonstrates how shapes are used in daily life.

In the “family” corner children learn about everyday activities through play.

Creativity is encouraged and supplies are available in the “artist” corner.

Luc Nam teachers eager for the opportunity to learn to better teach their preschoolers.

Teachers also attended classes to learn about teaching methods, organizing learning activities for children, and using technology in teaching.

At the end of the trip, Mrs. Ha, the principle of Ly Thai To Preschool, shared her experience end encouraged the visiting teachers.

The teachers have been eagerly discussing what they have learnt and how they can apply their learning to improved quality of preschool education back home in Luc Nam.

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