Well-trained teachers are the key to inspire a strong reading habit in their students.  To equip teachers, 70 primary and secondary school teachers from three Hoai Duc schools came together for four-days of training in July as part of our goal to establish Child-friendly Libraries in their schools.

Primary-school teachers eagerly learning how to promote a reading habit in their students

The teachers learned how habits are formed as they examined a three-step habit loop. They also learned and practiced basic learning tools like brainstorming and the graphic organizer, KWL Tables. Our consultant demonstrated several games that can be used to create excitement and encourage students to read. Teachers received a resource list including well-respected media outlets, YouTube channels, websites, and software that they can use to reinforce and continue their learning after the training.

Teachers learning to imitate actions in the stories they present to their students

The teachers made practice reading plans for various grade levels and for use by the entire school. Group-work brought out many ideas like creating mobile reading corners, decorating book covers, reward and recognition systems, and choosing suitable books for various reading levels. 

I have attended other trainings that were boring. But, this training really made me happy and now I see the importance of self-learning. Thank you YWAM Mercy for training us.

Ms. Hoa

Primary School Teacher

The consultant introduced leadership principles from a book by Brian Tracy which made a big impact on her own business as an education consultant. This is designed to help the teachers and administrators to manage their tasks effectively and to capitalize on the strengths of their students.

By the end of training, the teachers learned many ways to encourage students to read. The teachers are committed to reading more themselves and promoting good reading habits at these three schools where we are implementing library activities. We’ve encouraged them to share their knowledge with other schools in the area in order to multiply the effect of the training.

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