When we help a school install a child-friendly library, we not only supply equipment and books, we also plan library activities to help develop and maintain a reading culture in the school.

A recent “Reading Day” in one Hoai Duc school, created a lot of excitement for staff and children alike.

The first activity was a competition between classes called “My Favorite Book”.  As a class, students acted, sang, danced and gave a presentation on their favorite book. The judges gave a score and chose the winning class.

Then 100 students participated in “Golden Bell Challenge”, a general knowledge quiz. Students really enjoyed this fun, fast paced competition that tested their knowledge on many different subjects.

The school Headmaster led our YWAM Mercy staff to see an exhibition of the students’ handmade items such as paintings, collages made from torn paper, their written reviews of favorite books, and poems or stories composed by students.

White boards displayed photographs of teachers, students and parents participating in reading culture development activities organized by YWAM Mercy. This helped illustrate how the activities work together for maximum effectiveness.

The Reading Day festival included members of the School Board, the Headmaster, plus all teachers, parents and students.

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