Currently, the livestock industry in Vietnam discharges about vast amounts of solid waste per day. One of the most effective solutions for treating this waste uses worms with the scientific name Perionyx Excavates. They are capable of handling solid waste in livestock production, transforming it into nutrients, reducing diseases and harmful organisms to livestock and crops, and many other advantages.

Understanding the great value of worms for farming and the environment, Mr. Vuong and his wife, Mrs. Nhan, living in Hoai Duc District, have been raising worms for sale for four years. In the first two years, they faced many difficulties and intended to give up due to a very small number of customers. After many efforts, in the third year, their business started having positive changes. And now, it is developing and bringing great income for them.

YWAM staff and the project Board of Management members had an opportunity to visit their business and see many useful benefits of the worms, especially how they create safe organic fertilizers which are good for cultivation land, the environment, and farmers’ health. It is the best choice for vegetable growing. With the desire of building a fresh fruits and vegetables brand for the local area and helping residents improve their living conditions and to protect the environment, they are very willing to share about techniques of raising and using worms. Now, more and more people know about Mr. Vuong‘s farm and understand the wonderful benefits of worms. They even expanded with one more farm of 2000 square-meters to meet customers’ needs.

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