On, March 11, 2018, we celebrated the re-opening of the Phu Chau Children’s Home, after a renovation sponsored by YWAM Mercy Vietnam, The German Embassy, the Kneipe Club and various donors including HIF City Partners.

Over 160 children, extend families, local authorities, donors, sponsors and neighbors, spent their Sunday, with us touring the new buildings and enjoying fun activities in the spring sunshine. Delicious food and drinks were prepared and served by the Kneipe club and German Embassy staff. All in attendance enjoyed the atmosphere of love and strong support of YWAM Mercy’s efforts to provide the opportunity of a better life for these precious children. A well-known actor and famous girl-band joined in the event to the delight of all. The children expressed their thanks through their own songs and dances as well.

Besides the newly renovated building, the children also received new beds, pillows and blankets, purchased with funds from the German Embassy as well.

We hope, with this renovation, the children are happy with better living conditions in a safe and nice house. We want to positively impact the children’s lives. The children can see people caring about them. It is the children’s good feeling to receive as well as our good feeling to help.

Mr. Alex Priester

German Embassy staff who connected YWAM with Kneipe club

I’ve been living here since I was small. The house is well-maintained and we are so happy to have a new and nice house.

Nguyen Thi Mai

21 years old (in college), living in the Children’s Home since 2004

Before being renovated, the house was degraded and old. I’m so happy to live in a spacious house like this.

Tran Kieu Trang

16 years old, living in the Children’s Home since 2010

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