We had cause for celebration recently when finally we are able to provide better opportunities for all preschool aged children in one Ba Vi community. We’ve been working for years to improve the teacher training and facilities in this location.

YWAM Mercy is supporting the completion of their new and final six-classroom preschool, by providing parent and teacher training as well as teaching equipment. This activity will run from September 2018 to August 2020.

The project was originally planned by community stakeholders in partnership with YWAM Mercy, but was delayed four years due to lack of funding and an additional year due to approval procedure processing.  When the community received alternate funding for construction of the six needed classrooms and kitchen, YWAM Mercy continued our partnership, supporting the training of teachers and parents and providing equipment.

Around two-thirds of the teachers in the preschool are new to teaching, so this is the first time they have received training from YWAM Mercy’s Educational Consulting Team.  Despite the need to give several of their weekends to this training, most teachers are very excited about the opportunity to learn about child development, ways to make their own toys out of simple materials, and how to manage the classroom for optimal learning.

So far, two training classes were organized, and we have all learned a lot from the project consultants.  I observed that all the teachers who attended really liked the training.  I, of course, liked it too.

Mrs. Hoa

Principal, Tong Bat Preschool

Each month YWAM Mercy staff meets with the project Board of Management to review project progress and to plan for upcoming activities. 

Local trainers who support families by visiting homes, also meet monthly.  Local trainers are key because we want to impact not just children in preschools, but also children in the home.  These 16 trainers have been equipped to help families with children under 6 or women who are pregnant with topics like childcare, discipline and accident prevention.

YWAM Mercy is pleased that this much needed final preschool will serve the community and that we can help teachers and parents to be more effective.

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