Oanh’s family’s current house

Oanh’s mother in the kitchen

In the course of our work, we sometimes meet families in especially difficult circumstances who, with additional support, we are able to help to improve their living situation.  Oanh’s family is one such family.

Oanh’s father is mentally ill and wanders the neighborhood muttering to himself incoherently.  Her oldest brother drowned, and her second brother is in jail for manslaughter after a high school fight left another boy dead due to drowning.  Oanh’s mother is the only wage earner, but her health is not good.

Oanh’s family is quite isolated socially because her father is greatly disliked by the community since he has been known to steal from them.  

We have supported Oanh through our Educational Assistance program in the past and three years ago we gave her a bicycle to get to and from school.  We also provided her mother with chickens to raise to increase their income.  Two years ago we replaced the doors on their house for their safety.

Now their house had deteriorated so seriously that it has become unsafe.  It is in danger of collapsing in heavy rain or winds.

Cracked walls and a leaking roof make this house dangerous for Oanh and her family.

This family’s social isolation has meant the neighbors were not willing to help them. Recently when a government scheme targeting families with dangerous housing was available in their village this family was not even considered and in a vote taken by the community their names were even removed from the list of families in poverty (this list entitles families to subsidies in education and health). The people most affected by this are Oanh and her mother, who also suffer because of the father’s mental illness.

YWAM Mercy would like to invite everyone to help Oanh and her mother to rebuild their house. After many attempts to persuade them, finally Oanh’s relatives have agreed to support them with some finances to rebuild the house. We also feel really happy to see some neighbors change their attitude toward this family and agree to provide their labour to help Oanh’s family to dismantle the old house.

Funds needed: 

1) Construction of a 50 square meter house with two bedrooms: $2,200 needed of $4,600 budget

2) Construction of new detached kitchen, toilet and shower room: $500 of $1,300 budget

Oanh’s family will provide $3,100 and the community will provide $100 and their labour.

Contact us at ywam@ywammercyvietnam.org if you are interested in donating towards this project or donate via PayPal.


Oanh with a bicycle received from YWAM in July 2017

Oanh drawing water from their well. The structure next to it is their current shower area

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