Every year, YWAM Mercy Vietnam provides Educational Assistance to a number of deserving students in each community where we work.

Usually the process involves visiting families to assess their need for assistance and to determine exactly what school supplies they are still lacking.  Then the Board of Management (BOM) purchases what the children need and distributes them in a special ceremony.

But, this year we decided to try something different in one community.  After selecting the 32 children eligible for help, we invited the families to come with us to shop.  This meant they were able to choose the items they like and which were most needed. Some families were able to add in a small amount of their own money which they had saved for this purpose.  This also supports and affirms the parent’s role in providing for their children.

Both children and parents expressed happiness with this new process.

The chosen items were them packaged and presented to the children in a celebratory ceremony.

We hope giving the families more control over the items they receive will motivate the children to give their best effort in their learning in spite of the difficulties they face.

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