One of the most economically challenged preschools in Bao Son now has new toys and equipment. This will greatly benefit the 170 Children currently enrolled in this preschool. About 90% of these children are from the Tay, Nhung and San Diu ethnic minority groups.

They have been doing their best to provide preschool education under quite difficult conditions. With only three classrooms, so each class has more than 50 children. They have lacked a lot of basic equipment and the furniture they had was old and broken.

(Photos of old equipment below.)

As part of our comprehensive community development project in this area we were able to work with the school and community to provide new tables and chairs for three classrooms, as well as some outdoor and other learning equipment.   Many parents provided labor as they were happy to contribute to a better learning environment for their children. Both the teachers and parents have committed to maintaining this new equipment.

(Photos of new equipment below.)

Our preschool is located in a community with many challenges and the children are from families in poverty so we do not have the budget or the capacity to renew the toys and equipment even though what we have is very old. We are so happy to have received support from YWAM Mercy Vietnam. This is a good opportunity for us to select suitable toys and equipment for our children and teachers. We also learnt how to compare prices and quality of the many supply companies and the result is that we purchased good quality toys and equipment at the best price.

Mrs. Vi Thi Huong, Headmaster

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