Recently we received new beds for the Phu Chau Home, as well as bedding for all the children in each of our three Children’s Homes.

Eleven new, good quality beds replaced old ones that were broken. The carpenter assembled the beds under the supervision of the Home staff and Board of Management members to ensure safety and quality.

This was all done with support from the German Embassy to improve the living conditions of the children in the Homes. The children chose pillows and blankets with the designs that they like best with help from the Home staff.

The children received these gifts with a sense of amazement. They appreciated the donor’s kindness, delighted that others care about them. The donation put a smile on their faces and taught them lessons in giving and receiving, loving and sharing.

Thank you to our donors for giving us warm and nice pillows and blankets. I choose the blanket with a blue robot cat named Doraemon, my favourite cartoon character in a Doraemon story. This is the most beautiful blanket that I’ve ever had.

Anh Ngoc

10 years old, Phu Chau Home

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