Net houses are climate controlled, naturally ventilated environments where vegetables can be grown. YWAM Mercy Vietnam helped a group of farmers build a net house model in one Luc Nam village, as part of our Sustainable Rural Development Project in this area. They approached YWAM Mercy for technical support in developing this model and have also been helped by a model-building fund from the district Agriculture Department. The farmers hoped that through using a net house they could generate more income for their households through the higher-yields and higher-quality agricultural products the net house would afford them.

We completed the net house in November of 2020. Involved farmers planted tomatoes and chrysanthemums to get experience with using the net house while they waited for high-yield/high-quality plant seedlings to arrive. Unfortunately, in June 2021, a large storm came through the area and caused part of the net house to collapse. Many of the planted crops were also damaged.

The households contacted the construction unit in their district who came to assess the damage. They determined that the damage was due to the severe weather. The construction team then made plans to repair the net house.

Unfortunately, this coincided with the heaviest outbreak of COVID-19 in this area and so there was a delay in making the needed repairs. All repairs are expected to be made in October 2021.

Repairs are already underway. We hope that they will be completed on schedule so that the households can begin to prepare for winter crops.

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