When Nguyen Thi Tam discovered that YWAM Mercy Vietnam was offering training in her community on family business management and cultivation she eagerly joined in.

Her family has struggled over the years to make ends meet growing fresh fruits and vegetables and raising a few pigs.  Her husband works as a casual construction laborer and sometimes Mrs. Tam joins in to make extra money but her heart is in growing safe produce for her family and community.

I grow safe veggies and fruits to keep my good conscience, profit is not the first thing.

Mrs. Tam

Mrs. Tam’s commitment to growing safe produce has made her a role model in the community. Recently she received a group of foreign visitors (photo above) in her home. She shared her experience with cultivating safe veggies and they shared about avoiding pests without using pesticides.

Now the family is working to enrich their soil to plant papaya for additional extra income.

After the training I immediately used customer negotiating skills to help me get higher profit. Now our income is better. Thanks to YWAM Mercy Vietnam and local leaders for creating opportunities for us to learn and develop.

Mrs. Tam

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