“There is a profession that is unnamed and unpaid, but incredibly noble: the profession of being a mother”.

Dedicated to the job of being a loving mother

The program “Viec tu te”, broadcast on VTV1 (Vietnam Television) May 12, 2024, wanted to showcase a mother’s love. They heard abut our three community-based Children’s Homes in Ba Vi. After researching they chose to dedicated airtime to talk about Mother Oanh in YWAM Mercy’s Van Hoa Community-based Children’s Home mother to the 15 children living there.

Mrs. Kieu Thi Oanh

Mrs. Oanh is about to turn 65 this year but still maintains the same initial enthusiasm for her chosen path. Over 20 years ago, despite having a husband and two children of her own, she decided to choose the job of “being a mother” to the children-in-difficult-circumstances at the Van Hoa Children’s Home.

Mrs. Oanh has been working at Van Hoa Children’s Home for over 20 years

The work at the Children’s Home is far from simple. Initially, she had the responsibility of taking care of 22 children. Nurturing one child is already challenging, let alone taking care of over 20 children who are not her biological children, making the job much more difficult. Mrs. Oanh shared that initially, connecting with the children was a challenge for her. When she first started work, she felt saddened because she couldn’t establish a close relationship between herself and the children and even had one child who refused to call her “mother”.

Love itself has bonded the relationship between Mrs. Oanh and the children

However, through her patience and love, she gradually gained acceptance from the children in this place. And now, all the children at Ba Vi Children’s Home affectionately call her by the endearing name: “Mother Oanh”.

Sweet result: The grown-up children

Established in 1999 under the sponsorship of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Mercy Vietnam, Van Hoa Children’s Home is currently a place that nurtures and cares for 15 children-in-difficult-circumstances in Van Hoa Commune.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc is one of those children. Ngoc’s parents divorced when she was young. She was left in her father’s care but he became ill and passed away. After that, she was teased for not having parents, which made her feel lonely and lacking love. However, after coming to Ba Vi Children’s Home, Ngoc felt very happy. She was able to make up for the emotional wounds from her childhood. To Ngoc, “Mother Oanh” was closer than her biological mother, someone she could share everything with in life, providing her with the sense of family that she was not fortunate enough to have.

Ngoc was emotional as she recounted her own story on this programe

Up until now, Van Hoa Children’s Home has nurtured over 60 children who have grown up here. The children’s home not only focuses on physical and intellectual nurturing but also pays attention to moral education, emotional development, and life-skills to equip the children with a complete set of tools when they enter the world, enabling them to become good and useful citizens in society.

The children are being comprehensively developed in terms of intelligence, physicality, and emotions

The program also witnessed a deeply touching moment when “Mother Oanh” reunited with two children whom she had cared for previously at this Children’s Home. Both Hai and Huong were children who had extremely difficult and unfortunate circumstances. With the care and support of Mrs. Oanh, as well as the other staff at the Children’s Home, YWAM Mercy collaborated with local leaders and the community, so that Hai and Huong overcame their struggles. Currently, both of them have stable jobs and successful lives.

The growth and development of the children in the orphanage bring joy to Mother Oanh

Huong confided: “Initially, I didn’t like Mother Oanh but she was very patient. Every night she would tuck me in and share that she felt sorry for not being able to be close to me. She took every opportunity to get close to us. Gradually, I was touched by her love. Mother Oanh is an extremely compassionate person.”

“Mother Oanh is an extremely compassionate person”, Huong said

Mrs. Oanh couldn’t hide her tears of emotion when she had the opportunity to meet the children on television and witness the growth of the children she had once nurtured with her own hands. For a mother, that is the most precious reward. Mrs. Oanh is just one of four Home Mothers who compassionately serve the children in our care.

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