Vietnam is going through a period of industrialization and modernization. Information technology has become necessary for business success. However it is not used by many business owners in Hoai Duc, where YWAM Mercy has been conducting business development programs since 2009. In August, we organized training on Computer and Technology Application for participants of class 12 and 13 to improve their professional skills in business management.

In this two-day training, participants received hands-on instruction in using Microsoft Office, searching for information on the internet, and internet-marketing. Swiss Create Business Manager (SCBM) software instruction and practice was also provided. SCBM is a rich cloud-based business development software tool provided by Swiss Create. It contains management tools which can be used to control multiple projects or businesses.

Before I thought that using a computer is complicated, but after the 2-day training, I see it is very important and not too difficult to apply. Especially, the Swiss Create Business Manager software is a great tool which has many functions I need to manage my business. I will use it for my business.


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