Maximizing production efficiency while preventing and reducing the risk of accidents and occupational diseases is a key requirement in business. The Vietnamese government is paying attention to training and communication activities on occupational safety and health. However, many businesses in Hoai Duc District have not yet been fully successful in training their workers in this area. YWAM Mercy provides workplace safety training for business owners and employees with the desire of improving workers’ lives and their safely awareness as part of our Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Development Project.

Recently, 186 workers and mid-managers of five businesses in Hoai Duc were trained on 5S (Sort, Set-in-order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) and Workplace Safety. The training aimed to raise awareness and promote a sense of responsibility among employees in ensuring workplace safety and keeping the work environment “Safe – Effective – Professional”.

Areas which need to be improved according to each 5S point were shown using actual photos taken in their companies. Through group work, employees discussed and then presented on how to apply 5S in their workplace with many great ideas. The consultant and YWAM Staff explained anything that was unclear and gave more detailed instructions where needed.

This training and its many useful lessons is exactly what we need now for better work performance. We understood more clearly our responsibility to the company, and see that safety is also for our own benefit. We have a plan for post-training application and take it as our priority.


Additionally, Team Building games, and songs were used to build unity between employees and to encourage teamwork. YWAM staff also shared team-building techniques with middle managers to enhance their skills helping them better complete their management tasks.

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