Helping people to set goals and plan for the future builds stronger communities. When people think only about the present and earning enough money for daily expenses it has a negative effect on individuals and their families, especially the children because then life just happens and they loose the chance to be intentional about what kind of future they want to have. In order to help people learn to set goals that lead to successful futures, YWAM Mercy conducted two days of training called “Master Your Life Successfully” for 214 people in one Hoai Duc community.

The key training contents were:

  • six success factors to master your life
  • five key components of professional competence: attitude, social, systematic, methodological, leadership
  • five steps for professional vocation
  • seven steps to be strong
  • understanding yourself and other people through the DISC tool
  • effective income generation

These concepts were shared through real case stories and personalized through brainstorming activities. During the training, participants also had the chance to deal with their current personal challenges by asking questions, and sharing the successes and failures they experience in their family lives.

Nguyen Xuan Dung, a former YWAM Mercy staff member, is now the director of SBS and was the consultant hired to conduct this training.

Participants learned to see opportunities instead of challenges while generating income

In a comfortable training atmosphere, the participants realized the importance of having their own life purpose and periodically reviewing the six life aspects including: health, job, children’s future, family, relationship and finance. They also learned to apply SWOT analysis, effective communication, plus learning and change management to improve their living-standard. Many practical stories of everyday life, family business operation and personal development were shared for further understanding and examples of how they could be applied in their own family.

I had already learned a lot through many different offline and online channels, but in the training today I learned many new things. I and many local people really need to apply the DISC tool, and business mind-set in doing family business for effective income generation. I hope this kind of training will be offered more in the future for the development of our community.

Mrs. Hong

Retired Teacher

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