Lunar New Year (Tet) celebrates the end of winter and welcomes spring in Asian countries. It usually occurs in January or February. For most Vietnamese, and the children in YWAM Mercy’s three Children’s Homes, making traditional CHUNG cakes is a special time to cook together and make childhood memories.

The home staff and children prepared arrowroot leaves and washed them. They also cleaned mung beans and selected the best pieces of pork. Chung cake wrapping day is usually three days before New Year’s Eve and it’s an all-day event. Everyone will congregate in the Home yard to cook the cakes over a wood fire. They have a great time making their own traditional CHUNG cakes.

Ms. Yen, our Project Officer in charge of the Homes, gives a Tet gift to one of the children

The children’s delight in welcoming the new year was heightened when they received Tet gifts from YWAM Mercy and local leaders. Each child received a traditional gift of dried candied fruits, green tea, sticky rice, jelly, and CHUNG cakes. Everyone is looking forward to a peaceful and prosperous New Lunar Year.

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