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YWAM Mercy Vietnam has been helping Loi’s family develop since she was a small child in 2010 (photo above, Loi in pink).  The youngest of three sisters, Loi inherited an eye disease from her father and grandfather. Only her mother is able to work, serving a house helper 80km west in Hanoi. The family lives in poverty.

We learned of the family while working on an Early Childhood Development project in their community. As various needs have come up over the years, we have organized support to help them overcome these difficulties.

Through the generosity and kindness of our donors, Loi and her sisters received a bicycle so they could attend school (photo top left). In an attempt to save her eyesight, together we helped the family to provide medical examinations and eye treatments.  In all Loi had seven surgeries (middle photo after her sixth surgery in 2015) and yet has lost the sight in one eye. We also organized support for repairing the roof on the family home and adding a toilet and shower room, and then later our donors helped support reconstruction of the house itself (photo on right of the family in front of their new home). Over the years donors also contributed to school fees, books and school supplies through our Education Assistance program. Nutritious milk for Loi and bookshelves for Loi and her sister were also provided.

All this was done over a period of ten years time with a contribution of over 90 million VND (US$3,900) provided by caring donors. The outpouring of donor support also motivated local leaders and neighbors in the community to come alongside the family as well.



The change in Loi herself over this time has been remarkable.  She has gone from being extremely shy and self-deprecating (often crying and running away when she saw strangers) to very happy and confident.

Because her eyes have become so weak, the doctor asked Loi to stop attending school to help preserve her remaining sight. Loi insisted that she wanted to keep attending school. YWAM Mercy contacted Samaritan’s Purse and applied for a scholarship so Loi could study at the Nguyen Dinh Chieu school for the blind in Hanoi.

In September 2019, Loi officially enrolled as a student in Nguyen Dinh Chieu where she receives and education in a constructive environment with full facilities. Loi has made many new friends including others who suffer from similar eye diseases. Even if her eyesight diminishes further, she has hope for a bright future.

Loi and her mother in 2011

Loi (middle) and her sisters

Loi and her father

Loi enjoying a meal with her family

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