Reading impacts every aspect of a child’s education. YWAM Mercy wants to give opportunity for children in rural areas to improve their reading through interesting books in an attractive place to read.

With support from the Hanoi International Women’s Club (HIWC) we established Child-Friendly Libraries in two Luc Nam schools over the summer break. The schools decided to include the library opening in their new school year welcome ceremony on September 5th.

Many parents, local leaders, government department heads and company owners in the community, along with YWAM Mercy staff and an HIWC representative, attended the ceremony. The schools introduced the library activities to all participants and called for community support to establish a strong reading habit in their children.

Ms. Roslyn Jackson, YWAM Mercy Director, shared with all students that reading will bring many benefits. She said they can travel all around the world and learn from leading experts, just through reading books. Reading will open the door of their lives and lead to a better future.

YWAM Mercy’s involvement in establishing the libraries represents a seed that will grow with the help of the community. They now have the tools to further develop the library in a sustainable way. 

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