Mid-size local business development

Lam runs a successful business making plastic packaging in Vietnam.  He recently invested in 2 new machines and is planning on increasing his staff from 22 to 30 this year.

However, Lam really struggled with his business at first.

Lam is from Hoai Duc District in Vietnam and this district is undergoing a lot of change. Due to population and political structure, the area is moving from an agriculture economy to a more urban industrial economy.

Lam had left the region for work but returned when the local leaders asked for people to start businesses to create jobs.

Lam established his plastics business in 2010 and initially ran it out of his home.

Like many business owners in his area he hadn’t received any business training, and only had a high school education. His business struggled to get orders and he was working day and night but not able to make the business succeed.

In 2012 he was talking to a friend of his who was also a business owner in the area. His friend had just attended YWAM Mercy Vietnam’s business training and told him about all the things he was learning and how it was helping his business.

Lam was curious about new and better ways of doing business. He took his friends advice and signed up to attend the 4th session of YWAM Mercy Vietnam’s business training that year.

Attending this training gave him the tools to turn his business around.

During the training Lam learned about strategy, long term planning, and the benefits of upgrading technology.

He also learned about organizational structure, communication, and work-place safety. These improvements benefited his employees and increased employee morale.

In 2014, Lam was able to build a new factory and invest in technology that allowed him to take bigger orders and increase efficiency. In 2015, he upgraded two of his machines. He is currently upgrading two more that will be installed by the end of 2016.

These changes have helped Lam increase the number of jobs that are created as well as provide steady work and better pay for his employees. Lam is more confident running his business and this has improved his interactions with his employees. He has also learned to hand over some responsibility to managers so he can spend more time with his family.

With his work hours under control, and his stress levels down, he has been able to invest more in his community. His business has started sponsoring some local children so they can attend school.

He is also mentoring other business owners in his area and teaching them the things he has learned.

By investing in Lam, as well as other business owners in his area, YWAM Mercy Vietnam is able to implement sustainable change in Hoai Duc District of Vietnam. Members of the community are benefiting from the jobs created by these businesses now that farming isn’t an option.


Photo Credit: Sharing Dots


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