Krisha (with megaphone), a sixteen-year-old from the Philippines, was wondering what to do for her school project. She has lived in Hanoi with her family since 2012 and is currently a Year 10 student at the UNIS (United Nations International School) in Hanoi. She was allowed to do what ever she wanted so she proposed to do a fundraising event. Knowing that all her hard work in this project would go to a great cause was a big motivation.

Krisha with the megaphone

When she heard Roslyn share about the Children’s Homes, she decided to make a difference for these children by making this the focus of her event.

She said, “Being a sixteen-year-old in a city where I don’t even speak the language, it is hard to imagine the possibility of starting something that is much bigger than myself.”

On December 3, 2016, 97 (see runners warming up in photo below) runners lined up to participate in the run Krisha organized. Many others bought tickets even though they weren’t able to run. The winner would receive the prize of a buffet dinner for two sponsored by the Marriott Hotel.

With the run, Krisha raised 24,209,500 VND (US$1085). An additional 4,780,000 (US$214) was raised, when the winners of the main prize decided to auction it to to further improve the lives of children. (See Krisha with the winners in photo below.)

With the money that was raised, three new metal clothing cupboards with space for 12 children’s clothing PLUS two study tables and eight chairs were purchased. Thank you Krisha for daring to make a difference.

Old clothing cupboards were falling apart and eaten by termites

The new metal cupboards are helping the children keep their clothes in better condition. They really love their new cupboards

In the study room all the desks were very old and broken

Now the new desks and chairs make studying far easier

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