Starting in 2005, each year at least 650 children living in poverty received education assistance from YWAM Mercy Vietnam. In several years, due to our generous donors, we were able to assist even more children, more than 8500 in all.

Though the approximately US$11 in school supplies given to each student is small, this effort helps children to continue their schooling. It also shows local leaders’ care for families in poverty in their community as they partner with YWAM Mercy to help in this way.

Since funds are always limited, we aim to support 30% of the total number of students in poverty in the communities where YWAM Mercy Vietnam is already working. In order to conduct this effort fairly, we must transparently assess families under the poverty line with children studying in primary and lower secondary school to identify the 30% most in need of assistance.

There are eight steps in the process.

Step 1: Sharing the purpose of the program

Organize a meeting between YWAM Mercy Vietnam, local leaders and school principals to share about the purpose of this program, and the process of carrying it out.

Step 2: Set up criteria to choose supported children

YWAM Mercy Vietnam’s staff and community leaders discuss and build a list of criteria.

Step 3: Make a list of children to assess

This list is made by a local leader, leader of the Communist Party, representative of the Women’s Union or Farmer’s Union.

Step 4: Approval of assessment list

After the local leaders submit the assessment list, a higher level leader will check and approve it.

Step 5: Conduct assessment

YWAM Mercy Vietnam’s staff and the local leader will visit all the children on the assessment list, and use a survey form to gather all the needed information.

Step 6: Choosing children to be supported

The supported children are chosen from the assessment list based on the earlier-determined criteria which is transparent to all involved.

Step 7: Get price quotations for needed items and purchase

At least two quotations for price will be requested from suppliers and sent to YWAM Mercy Vietnam by the local partners. Local partners will coordinate purchase and receive all items.

Step 8: Prepare & present gifts to children

The gifts will be assembled by local volunteers and presented to the chosen students at the Community Hall, with the participation of local leaders, local mass organizations (Women’s Union, Farmer’s Union etc.), school principals, and YWAM Mercy Vietnam staff.

Providing this educational assistance is a significant expression of love and care from donors and local leaders to families in the community. Most locations also received cash and in-kind gifts from local business people.

On behalf of the students who benefitted and community leaders, we would like to send our sincere thanks to the donors who supported and walked with us to make this effort possible throughout the last 14 years. Your gifts given in love will yield much fruit.

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