Photos: An preparing dinner and waiting for her Mom to return home from work.

NOTE: She broke her arm when she slipped on a wet mossy area in the schoolyard. It’s healing well.


An (7) lives with her mother in a small house in Luc Nam.  Her father died from liver cancer when An was only 9 months old. They cultivate rice on a tiny plot of land, but in order to have enough money to live on, her mother also works as a housekeeper. While her mother goes to work, An has to stay home alone. She has needed to become independent at a young age, doing all the housework by herself. Their is very hard.

An loves going to school and dreams of studying well so that she can help her mother more in the future. You, our generous donors, have made it possible for An to return to school for another year with all the books and supplies she needs.


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