When Mr. Thu arrived back in Vietnam, after working in Cyprus as a foreign worker, he was looking for viable ways to provide for his family. His wife had been successfully raising pigs for a number of years, after taking part in YWAM Mercy’s Opportunity Team. She learnt how to properly care for the animals and even created a side business of vaccinating and treating sick animals in the neighbourhood. But a few years ago, the pig prices plummeted and the nation suffered a series of pig epidemics, so there was no point in developing that further.

After visiting relatives in Ninh Binh, he saw they were successfully raising goats. Goats have the advantage of reproducing quickly, disease resistance, and the ability to eat a wide variety of food. The idea for a business was born. He started small and taught himself how to care for goats from books and the internet.

When he heard that YWAM Mercy & SSCD were beginning a project supporting new business models, he was eager to join. He knew how much the training had benefitted his wife and family and so was eager to learn all he could, not just on the technical aspects of raising goats, but also on how to run his farm as a successful business.

He shared with his friend Mr. Thinh who also lived close by and they decided to both launch into goat farming in a bigger way. Mr. Thu was eager to share with his friend all he had learnt thus far.

Mr. Thinh’s flock in the family’s goat pens

Mr. Thu’s goat farm on the day our consultant from the Agriculture University visited

Both families joined YWAM Mercy’s household business training in early 2022 and received loans for raising goats. They were happy to receive guidance as they began so they could avoid difficulties others face in starting such a business.

In April, Mr. Thanh, YWAM Mercy’s Veterinary consultant, visited both households to see their farms, answer questions and give advice. Mr. Thanh taught them about common diseases affecting goats and how to give injections at home to protect their animals.

Our staff also gave information about the current market for goats and economic management techniques so they can run their business effectively. Mr. Thu now has new plans to expand into other complimentary businesses such as processing goat meat and selling it locally.

Discussing appropriate feed for goats

Examining a goat for signs of disease

Next month, YWAM Mercy has planned for households in YWAM’s household business model to have a study tour at The Goat and Rabbit Research Center. We expect this will give Mr. Thu further ideas and technical information. We hope these households can be models for others in the community to follow into other types of creative businesses so the whole community can benefit.

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