Children in the countryside usually learn to garden alongside their parents. These skills are essential to life in rural Vietnam, so, in each of our Children’s Homes, we provide land for a garden.

Because of the Tet Holiday and a second COVID-19 outbreak, one Home’s garden became overgrown. Both grasses and weeds grow quickly in the warm, moist climate of Vietnam. After the Tet break, the children and staff tackled weeding the garden together. During this process the children learned how to distinguish between the useful vegetables and unwanted weeds. They also learned how to prepare the soil, plant seedlings and water them effectively.

This activity was both fun and educational, giving the children additional skills for life.



Together, children and staff are making their living environment better.

The produce also adds to the nutritional value of the children’s daily diet. If there is any excess produce, it can be sold to provide treats and fun opportunities for the children.

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