YWAM Mercy Vietnam has been working in one community in Bac Giang Province since 2008 and we have seen the living conditions here improve dramatically as a result of our partnership with local leaders and residents.

A few families in this area had tried to grow flowers in the past on a small scale, but because of their growing techniques, the quality was not high and the yield was low. However, after participating in our training, they realized that there was a bigger potential for profit if they focused more on flowers than other crops and improved their growing techniques. As they began to be successful, other families followed their example. These flower growing families began to see the business potential in their agricultural activities and to focus on branding their products and delivering consistent high quality flowers.  After we provided business training, they now focus more on meeting market demands and finding the best way to bring their products to the market at the best price. We can see the huge potential in their flower growing efforts if they increase their scale and find ways to bring their products to market at the most lucrative time.

This year, YWAM Mercy will support this group, especially the local women, to officially establish a Flower Growing Cooperative. We will provide training in economic management and partner with them to build a Cold Room so flowers can be stored and sold when demand is highest. By gathering many households together in one group they will have a bigger voice in the market, and applying good management techniques can ensure the consistent quality of flowers they produce.

The participants are excited about the plans for this year.

We are really happy that YWAM Mercy is supporting us in establishing this cooperative and training us to meet the changing market.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nang

Club Member

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