Our flower growing club has just come through a successful winter season and is now looking ahead to summer.

Previously people in the area only grew flowers to sell at Lunar New Year (in January or February).  They were only familiar with winter flowers.  Each summer they concentrated on other less-profitable crops.  Now we are experimenting with them on summer flowers.

This winter, the group significantly increased winter crop profits with support from our consultants.  Because of being able to save the flowers for the best selling time due to access to the cold room, profits increased by about 80% on each bloom. This profit is now available to invest in their summer flower crop.

With increased confidence due to the success of their winter crop, they decided to double the scale of their planting for the upcoming summer.

They also learned how to save seeds from their winter flowers to make planting less expensive next year.

The cooperation between flower club members has greatly increased as they now work together for each other’s success.

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