Learning from other’s experiences provides inspiration, and helps avoid costly mistakes. YWAM Mercy works in many rural areas where rich resources could be developed to improve incomes and living standards. Taking farmers on exposure trips is one way we help them overcome their lack of experience and gain courage to try something new.

Luc Nam, one community in Bac Giang Province where we work, has many potential resources to develop. On October 25-27, 2017, YWAM Mercy organized an exposure trip for Luc Nam farmers to visit another community about 60 km away, an area that has very similar land, weather, and natural resources but is more developed and prosperous.

More than 100 people participated in this activity, including members of the Luc Nam Agricultural Department and community leaders.

The group had a great opportunity to learn about planting high revenue citrus trees. Local leaders also shared their experience developing their community according to the government’s new countryside model.

In this area farmers plant oranges and sell them at a really good profit. Our group was excited to hear their many positive experiences and raised many questions. They learned about planting and caring for orange trees, including the right time to fertilize, cut leaves, and harvest the fruit.

We don’t have many opportunities like this to visit and learn from real models. However, the visit was quite short and I still have many questions to ask, so, I got their phone number. I will contact them and ask later.

Eager Participant

One more valuable thing they learnt is the importance of maintaining the quality and reputation of the end product. For example, when we asked to purchase some oranges, they refused because the crop was not fully ripe. They were more interested in protecting their reputation for growing quality fruit rather than selling it for a quick profit.  This made a big impression on our group.



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