Farmers faced a big problem this year.  The weeks leading up to Lunar New Year (Tet) are their biggest time for selling, but just a few weeks before this peak season, the country went into lockdown once again. People were required to stay in their local area making it impossible to travel to the city their normal sales outlet. The usual freight routes  were cut off.

They had large amounts of flowers and produce ready for harvest in anticipation of the holiday, and they worried about how they would sell their goods. YWAM Mercy’s Asparagus Club and Flower Club members got together and reminded each other that every problem also presents opportunity, as they had been taught in YWAM Mercy’s training. So after some discussion, they realized they could use social media to promote their products to consumers directly in their local area.


We are also learning the way you [YWAM Mercy Staff] do. You often come to visit us and take pictures and instruct us on how to also take beautiful and attractive pictures. We followed your lead and found it to be effective.

Flower Club Member

after posting on Facebook and Zalo

We have flowers available. Anyone want to buy for Tet?


Tomorrow I’ll have tasty asparagus, delicious fried with pork. If you want to eat some ask me. I don’t harvest very much each day, only about 3kg. US$3/kg for the first type. 


You are invited to visit my flower garden! New Year [Tet] has come; spring is here; to add more color to your New Year’s Day contact me.


These postings by flower and asparagus club members received many views, likes and comments (English translations above)

Posting their own pictures taken onsite brings a sense of peace of mind to the buyers. As a result, the club members’ products sold out at profitable price points. The club members affirmed that this will be a new sales channel to continue in the future. They are no longer dependent on traditional traders and middle-men to get their products to market.

We are encouraged to see our work bringing about sustainability, and changing both perceptions and actions of local farmers so they have a better future ahead. We trust that they will be able to find creative solutions to problems when they arise.

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