PHOTO ABOVE: Farmers learn to record daily income and expenses in a log.  Most have not been in the habit of writing this information down, instead keeping a general idea of their cash flow in their head.

Most farmers in rural communities do not think about their agricultural activities like a business which can generate income.  For years, their main concern has only been raising enough food to feed their family.

After several years of working with such farmers in one Luc Nam community with a goal of reducing poverty, we have seen many changes in their lives. Now that they have risen out of poverty, running a family business will help them stay out of poverty.

The family business training we provided focused on helping them recognize their potential resources, analyze their strengths & weaknesses, change their mindset to think like a business person.  They learned to take into account the needs of the market, and how to differentiate their products for higher profits and brand recognition.

Each training reached about 40 people who are active members of their local Farmer’s Union. They will be the key people to multiply this knowledge into in their communities as well.

All participants expressed great interest in the training content. Now we are following-up with them to help them apply what they have learned. We know that the training is short and just helps them start thinking more about their situation in terms of possible income sources. The follow-up is really important to ensure their success.

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