A New Take on Troi Cakes in the Children’s Home

The 2018 "Cold Food Festival" brought a new and exciting experience to the children and staff of our community-based Children’s Home with the uniquely colored TROI cakes. Vietnamese children look forward to eating cold TROI cakes on the third day of the third month on...

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Phu Chau Children’s Home Re-Opening

On, March 11, 2018, we celebrated the re-opening of the Phu Chau Children's Home, after a renovation sponsored by YWAM Mercy Vietnam, The German Embassy, the Kneipe Club and various donors including HIF City Partners.Over 160 children, extend families, local...

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New Beds and Blankets for the Children’s Home

Recently we received new beds for the Phu Chau Home, as well as bedding for all the children in each of our three Children’s Homes. Eleven new, good quality beds replaced old ones that were broken. The carpenter assembled the beds under the supervision of the Home...

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Making Traditional Chung Cakes in the Children’s Home

Lunar New Year or “Tet” is the most important festival of the year for Vietnamese, and many other Asian people. For children living in YWAM Mercy’s community-based Children’s Homes, Lunar New Year means making Chung cakes - one of the many events of the season that...

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Outdoor Library Fosters Love of Reading in Preschoolers

YWAM Mercy understands that reading is essential for child development. Fostering a love of reading while children are in preschool is important, especially now that attractive internet games and shows constantly compete for their attention. Because of this, we focus...

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Inspiring English Learning Opportunity

As Vietnam integrates into the global economy, English fluency is more and more important, especially in developing countries like Vietnam. However, in rural areas, many people are still not aware of the need to speak English and children often have little opportunity...

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