Hydroponics: A Solution for Suburban Farmers

Vietnam needs to replace unsafe and unproductive farming practices which pollute the environment and damage people’s health. Hydroponics may be part of the solution.Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a nutrient-rich water-based environment. It has many...

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Evaluation Shows Biogas Effort Hampered by Pork Price Crisis

Besides monitoring the impact of our work while it is going on, we also do a thorough evaluation at the end of every phase to see what went right, what could be improved, and how to move forward. Recently, we evaluated our biogas work from February 2014 to February...

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Pig Raising Households Face Severe Losses

Market price instability is one of the biggest challenges with the animal husbandry industry in Vietnam. Whether raising animals as a household or as part of a larger farming model, most animal raising households understand that price fluctuations are an...

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Mr. Xiem Is Building a Biogas Unit

Mr. Xiem plans to raise 50 pigs in the near future so borrowed to build a 23 cubic-meter biogas digester. This investment will help him decrease the cost of cooking fuel, provide clean and safe fertiliser for his tea plantation, and especially, to avoid pollution. Mr...

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Mr Chien Is Building a Second Biogas Unit

Mr. Chien raises 1000 chickens and was one of the pioneers in building biogas digesters in his community. At that time, he built a small 10-cubic-meter digester. Intending to expand his livestock production scale, he decided to borrow money from the project to build...

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