Without strong communication and negotiation skills, farmers may find it difficult to successfully navigate challenges such as securing capital, avoiding bad debt, accessing markets and even getting good family cooperation.  

YWAM Mercy Vietnam provides training in Communication and Negotiation Skills to members of our Opportunity Teams and participants in our Family Business Training.

More than 120 residents of one Hoai Duc village recently received this valuable two-day training.

Our consultant taught basic concepts for communication and negotiation and was able to raise the group’s awareness about how these can be incorporated into a more effective income generation strategy.

Participants were presented with real case studies.  They learned how good communication and effective negotiation, enhance their ability to increase available resources. The training also provided an opportunity to reinforce the importance of finding their own market and creating a solid business plan.

Participants had the chance to propose solutions for real problems related to cultivation, separating business and family expenses, deciding on a new investment, market analysis, and daily farming issues.  This helped them to see how communication and negotiation skills would be helpful to them in daily life.

We gave books on Communication and Negotiation Skills as awards to those who demonstrated understanding of the skills taught while responding to the case studies.

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