Each year, when I receive a gift from YWAM Mercy before the new school year, I am very happy and touched. I wish the sponsors good health! I hope they continue to send us new book bags, notebooks, and uniforms next year.

Nhi, 8th Grade

Educational Assistance Recipient 2019

Nhi has much to overcome, but she enjoys school and feels encouraged to keep working towards her goals when she receives Educational Assistance in the form of school supplies from YWAM Mercy Vietnam’s donors.  

Nhi was born with an intellectual disability and a cleft palate which was improved through surgery she received from a charity organization.  School isn’t easy for her, but she is determined to study up to 9th grade and then to complete a vocational course so she’ll have a stable job in the future. 

Her parents both work long hours as farmers and are seldom at home, leaving Nhi to care for her 6 year-old brother when they aren’t at school. Her parents encourage her to work hard and to study alongside her friends, even though it’s especially difficult for her. The community recognizes that this family lives in poverty and recommended them for Educational Assistance.

Nhi’s parents were at work on the day our small team of staff and local leaders visited the home to assess their need for Educational Assistance this year.  Together, Nhi and her brother answered the survey questions and later it was determined that the family was eligible for assistance.  YWAM Mercy strives for a transparent assessment process so families understand why they did or did not receive this support.


Nhi (on the left) received two uniform shirts, a school bag, 20 notebooks and 10 pens which she needed to attend school this year.  A big thank you to the donors who made this support possible.

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