Thuy, who is in 6th grade, lives with her mother and grandmother. Her mother, Sang, has neurological problems. She is strong but struggles with coordination. She needs help with almost everything. Thuy doesn’t know her father. The family lives in a small house with little of value inside.  They farm a small rice paddy but it’s not enough to meet their needs. The family struggles to provide what Thuy needs to start school each year.

Despite these challenges, Thuy performs well in school and has big dreams.  With hope in her eyes, Thuy said, “I want to learn well and go to university. I want to become a doctor to take care of my mother and my grandmother.” 

With help from YWAM Mercy’s generous donors, Thuy is one of 35 children in her community who received school supplies as part of YWAM Mercy’s annual Education Assistance program. Everyone deserves opportunity, and the school supplies Thuy received have helped her to continue her education for another year.

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