Phuoc (pictured above receiving his school supplies) gets excellent marks in school and enjoys studying very much. Unfortunately, a few days before our team of staff and local leaders visited his home to find out what supplies he needed for the upcoming school year, his father had just passed away from cancer. Sadness was visible on his face and the faces of his two younger siblings and mother.

Phuoc studies diligently. The family home is small and doesn’t have much of value in it. Local authorities have recommended for the family to receive community support to rebuild the home since it is quite degraded and unsafe, especially in the rainy season.

As the oldest son, the family hopes Phuoc will study well and get a good job in the future. They were encouraged by the support they received from YWAM Mercy’s donors in the form of a new bookbag and the textbooks, workbooks and pencils and other supplies Phuoc needed to start school this year.

I need to continue to work in the industrial zone so I have money to raise my three children, however even with my wages, I will not have enough money or time to care for all their needs. I have asked for support from my in-laws in raising my sons, so receiving these supplies for Phuoc really helps us a lot.

Phuoc's Mother

Luc Nam

Phuoc and his grandmother

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