Nguyet is 11 years old and in 5th grade. She, her younger brother and her father all suffer with illnesses. They live with her 70-year-old grandmother. The only member of the family able to work and make an income is Nguyet’s mother.

Although her parent’s can’t help with their learning, Nguyet and her younger brother are always self-disciplined in studying. At school, Nguyet’s teachers and friends admire her and care for her. Sometimes at school she has an epileptic seizure, and must be taken to the hospital.  Nguyet is a strong girl and returns to school as soon as possible. She says every day she goes to school is a happy day, making her forget the pain of her illness.

Many thanks. These gifts are extremely valuable to me. When I was in the hospital, I wished I could drop out of school so my mother would not have to work hard. But I enjoyed going to school. I love to meet my friends at school. I am happy whenever I learn something more from studying. I’m hoping for a good job in the future as well.


Nguyet’s is just one of hundreds of children that benefit from the Education Assistance you provide. Thank you!

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