Nam (pictured above with his father) was born with thalassemia, a genetic blood disease that often causes serious consequences to internal organs due to the destruction of red blood cells leading to anemia. Nam is a member of the Muong ethnic group, of which 22% are thalassemia carriers. Ten other children in Nam’s village also suffer from this disease. The family’s journey fighting this disease has been extremely hard. His mother or father take him for dialysis at the National Hospital of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (50km away from home) every month rain or shine. At an age which he should be active and mischievous, he is often weak, dizzy, and pale. Even light movement can be a big challenge for him.

Every time I go for dialysis, I have to stay in the hospital for a whole day. It hurts but I don’t complain because I don’t want my mom to worry. I try to be strong knowing that tomorrow I can go to school again. I love going to school. Math is my favorite subject, especially geometry. Thank you for giving me my bag, notebooks and uniform. I have received gifts [from YWAM Mercy] for several years now. I’m very happy!


6th Grade, Education Assistance Recipient

Nam’s family has been recognized by the government as a household in poverty for many years. In 2018, his family received financial support from the Hanoi authorities to build a new house under a program to eradicate dilapidated housing. When our team came to assess Nam’s needs this year, we saw the new house with a strong steel roof, and strong brick walls but even after two years they had not painted it. His father shared that most of their income goes to medical treatment for Nam.

Nam is one of 72 students in his village who received Education Assistance this year thanks to YWAM Mercy’s generous donors.

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