Trang (pictured above with her grandmother) and her sister live with their grandparents in a small Bac Giang village.  Study isn’t easy for shy Trang but she works very hard in school and helps her grandmother at home.

After her parents divorced in 2014, Trang’s mother remarried and moved away.  Unable to find work locally in order to put food on the table, her father left to work in China with the idea that he’d be able to send money back to help his parents care for Trang and her sister.  But he faced many challenges in China and was not able to send money, leaving Trang’s grandparents to care for the two girls on their own.

Trang’s grandparents both have serious health problems and the family has run up a large debt paying for hospital care and surgery. They cannot lease additional land to earn a larger income as they had done in the past, and struggle to make ends meet with the proceeds from rice, taro and watermelon cultivation on their own small plot of land. They money needed for school supplies for Trang just isn’t available.

We are getting older, like leaves facing the wind, but we always try our best to let the children keep learning at school. I just hope, we stay healthy and can take care of them until they reach maturity. Our grandchildren are very obedient and hard-working but Trang is hesitant to communicate, so we are very worried about her. School is important for her.

Trang's Grandmother

Pictured with Trang

The school supplies Trang receives from YWAM Mercy’s Education Assistance effort make it possible for her to continue to attend school and this gives her joy and hope for the future.

There are many more children just like Trang who need assistance to continue their education.

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